Kelby Zdrill Becomes an A.I Expert at the Amii Upper Bound Conference

June 3, 2024
Kelby Zdrill Becomes an A.I Expert at the Amii Upper Bound Conference
Kelby Zdrill
Director of Client Services

I was asked to speak about AI and Marketing at the Amii Upper Bound conference a couple weeks ago. When former Berliner, Kian Javier, called me to ask me to be on this panel, my immediate response was, “I don’t think I am qualified.” Now, part of that could be my ever-present imposter syndrome. But, the other part of it was the fact that I had never even googled an AI tool before. I have heard of ChatGPT and some of these funny photos people make using AI, but I have never actually looked into it myself or tried it. 

As the days progressed and we got closer to the day of the panel, I realized how much AI was being used around me, and honestly, the ways I was using it without even really being aware of it. After the panel, I am not scared of it nearly as much as I was before. And, to prove that to each of you now, I am going to use ChatGPT to help me write the rest of this blog about what I learned. Come along with me in this adventure.

Ok wow – haven’t even gotten started yet and I am already impressed. I CAN DO ALL OF THIS WITH AI?! Why have I been wasting my time trying to make my brain do these things!?!

Anyways, back to what I learned at the conference (as written by ChatGPT):

In a world increasingly shaped by technology, delving into the realm of artificial intelligence proved both enlightening and transformative. Through my journey, I discovered that AI is not just a tool but a dynamic field encompassing diverse disciplines, from machine learning to natural language processing. Understanding its capabilities and limitations revealed the profound impact it has on society, from revolutionizing industries to raising ethical questions.

Exploring AI taught me the power of data and the importance of responsible stewardship in its use. I learned how algorithms can both illuminate patterns and perpetuate biases, emphasizing the need for transparency and inclusivity in AI development. Witnessing the fusion of human ingenuity with computational prowess underscored the boundless possibilities AI offers, from healthcare advancements to environmental sustainability solutions.

Yet, amidst the marvels of AI, I grappled with its ethical dilemmas, confronting issues of privacy, autonomy, and algorithmic fairness. The journey unfolded a nuanced understanding of the interplay between technology and humanity, urging me to advocate for ethical AI frameworks and societal dialogue.

Ultimately, my exploration of AI was not merely an academic pursuit but a profound journey of self-discovery, illuminating the intricacies of our relationship with technology and inspiring a commitment to harness its potential for the betterment of society.

I have to say, this write up isn’t far off from the actual conversation we had on stage, along with some of the learnings gleaned. My biggest takeaway is that we have to stay open minded to the new technologies that come and go in our field. We will become more efficient, saving time (and we all know time is money and money is pizza). We can be even more creative and have fun. AI will not replace a full brand experience. Our brands live in the minds of our consumers, not on a page written or designed by AI. 

Thanks for coming along with me. It’s been a really fun learning experience.